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Frequently Asked Questions:

Anytime you see, replace it with your domain name.

I check my email using the IMAP email protocol and all my folders appear under my Inbox.
How can I move them to their normal location?

Change your Root Folder Path setting to INBOX. {INBOX period, all caps, no spaces} in your local email settings.
Here are detailed directions with pictures.

How can I check my email from multiple computers and still have all of my mail everywhere?
You may wish to consider using IMAP email with Outlook Express and/or our webmail system.
Here are step-by-step instructions with pictures for Windows.
Here are step-by-step instructions with pictures for Mac OS X Mail.

How can I check my email from multiple computers if I don't want to use IMAP?
As log as your computer at home is not downloading your email at that moment, you can check your email using any web browser by entering your domain name at /webmail. For example, if your domain name was, you could log into to check your new email.

I just activated my hosting with Gem3 and I can only reach my site by its IP address, how can I get my site working by domain name?
Go to the registrar where your domain name is registered and change your DNS (Domain Name Servers) to NS1.GEM3.COM and NS2.GEM3.COM. Once you have done that, your domain name will usually work within 24 hours. There are times when it takes longer; if you have already made the DNS changes, please be patient.

I am looking for multiple domain website hosting. Can I host multi-domains on a single plan?
Yes. You can host as many domains as you like on your website and divide your chosen plan's resources as you see fit. We charge $1.00 per month for each additional domain beyond the first.

My plan is almost perfect; can I modify it?
Yes. If you need more disk space, or a larger monthly transfer allowance for multi-domain hosting or simply more growing room, send us an email and we will work with you.

Do you offer 24 hour Customer Service?
No. We have 24 hour equipment and systems monitoring. Customer Service is available from approximately 9:00am CST to 11:00pm CST.

Do you spring "surprise charges" on your customers?
No. One reason many people like to use Paypal is for their peace of mind when dealing with someone new. With Paypal, you always have to choose to pay our invoice; we don't have any access to your credit card or banking information. We also offer the same "choose to pay the invoice" style of payment offering using Credit Cards. We do offer automatic monthly billing for anyone that prefers the convenience, but no matter what payment option you choose, we will always communicate with you.

I wish to start an email marketing campaign. What is your email policy?
You may send any email you like to your existing customers and to fully qualified sales leads that request information.
Promotion of any website by unsolicited email (spam) that, in any way, references or utilizes any domain or IP services and/or resources hosted with us is strictly against our usage policy.

How do I know you are responsive to help requests?
We care. Send us a help request. Test us.

Can I pay for my hosting directly with a credit card or do I have to use PayPal?
We don't mind if you wish to pay for your hosting using a different method. You can pay for your web hosting with check, money order, Credit Card or even Western Union's money order by mail service. If you have special requirements, drop us an email and let us know.

I can't seem to get the support link to work. Is your site broken?
(No one has asked, but we thought this was important.)
To lower the amount of email spam from email gathering spiders, we are using a special javascript link for all email addresses on our site. If you have a web browser that doesn't support javascript and need support, the address for support is support& (Substitute an @ for the &)

If I forget to pay my bill will you immediately disconnect my site?
No. We (obviously) will eventually disconnect a site for nonpayment. However, we will provide you with multiple opportunities to correct the problem. If you are out of town on the due date and come back five days later, you may have a few emails waiting, but your site will still be online.

How long do I have to pay my bill?
All our invoices are send out a few days before the first of the month and are due on the first of the month. If you need your bill to arrive early (net-30 terms) or something special please let us know so that we can send your invoices out accordingly.

When do you invoice? and Why is my second bill so small?
We email out our invoices just prior to the first of the month. We will apply a credit to your account for any unused days from your first month, so unless you started your service exactly on the first of the month, you will have a partial month credit that will lower your second month's invoice

I have signed up for hosting and you sent me my IP address. How do I point my domain address to my new site?
There is a attribute of domain names called the DNS servers. Go to your registrar's help section and find the instructions for changing your DNS servers. Change them to NS1.GEM3.COM and NS2.GEM3.COM. There will be a delay as the data updates (anywhere from 10 minutes to twenty four hours, depending on your registrar) and then your domain name will work.

How do I add additional email accounts to my domain?
Access the Site Management screen for your site by typing into your browser's address bar. A prompt appears, asking you to enter your site administrator username and password. Login using your username/password. You will be looking at the main control panel. Click Mail. From this menu you can add new email accounts. The add section is also used to change a user's password.

Am I able to use Front Page to manage my site's content?
Using Front Page extensions is supported, but turned off by default because very few of our customers use it and it uses some of your available disk space. If you will be using Front Page, it is recommended that you upload with it directly instead of using FTP. If you need Front Page support, you may log into your domain control panel, click Front Page then choose to enable it.

I want a "catchall" email account to receive Do you offer this service?
Yes. Open your website control panel ( and log in. Click Mail. Click Default Address. From here you can assign the email address to receive undirected email.

What are my email server settings for Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.?
Use your or IP address as your POP3 Server setting.
Many ISPs (Earthlink is a prime example) block SMTP mail communication to any mail servers other than their own. Simply use the same SMTP server setting the ISP told you to use for your email address with them and it will work just fine. (For Earthlink, the SMTP Server setting is

I use AOL to connect to the internet, what is my AOL SMTP Server setting?
AOL doesn't use SMTP servers. This means you cannot use their SMTP server. We have a special configuration that permits you to use a special SMTP server for AOL customers. For security reasons, we cannot post this information here. Contact us for more information.

When I send mail using Gem3 mail servers, I get a "Relaying Denied" error. What is this and how can I prevent it?
Our SMTP servers require authentication. There is usually a setting for this in your email account setup of your email client software. The other quick and simple answer is to use your local ISP's SMTP server setting. If your ISP does not have an SMTP server, like AOL, then contact us for a special SMTP settings.

I uploaded a Perl CGI script and get a server error when I try to run it. Why?
The number one problem people have with CGI script is text formatting. If you edit a CGI script on a Windows machine, it will handle the end of line characters different and the file won't run when you upload it. If your script won't run, try selecting ASCII mode on your FTP client and uploading it again. It will correct the linefeeds and usually fixes the problem.

How can I change file or folder permissions (chmod)?
If the instructions for a PHP or CGI script ever tell you to change permissions on a file or folder (chmod), you can do this with most FTP clients by right-clicking on the file on the server. There will usually be a permissions setting on the right-click menu. If your FTP client does not have this available, the free CoffeeCup FTP (below) will do this.

Where can I get an, easy to use, free FTP client?
We like the CoffeeCup FTP client. There are better FTP clients available, but not for the price. You may get it from CoffeeCup Software and download a copy from our tools area.

Help! I'm low on disk space!
Quick! Email us and tell us you want more! Extra disk space is available in 50 Meg increments for only $1.00 more per month.

I have signed up for web hosting and it has been a few minutes. How long do I have to wait for access to my new account?
Due to the amount of fraud and spammer activity on the internet, we manually verify every order before activating new accounts. In most cases, your account will be active within the hour. During busy periods or on weekends, there may be a longer delay. For any accounts activated after noon, the billing cycle will not start until the following day.
If you have ordered hosting and urgently need the site order validated immediately, please call.

When I try to send email, I receive a 451 Temporary local problem - please try later error.
Log into cPanel and check your email forwarders. If you add a forwarder that points to an invalid local email address, you will receive this error.

I can't access my cPanel or webmail and I'm using Norton Total Internet Security. What should I do?
Open the Norton Security config from the icon in the System Tray, next to the clock.
Select Personal Firewall.
Click Configure.
Click the Programs Tab.
Select Microsoft Internet Explorer from the list.
Click Modify.
Select Manual.
At this point you will get to go through a wizard to select what port(s) you want open. The default settings for everything will allow all outbound ports from IE and should solve the problem.



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