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Follow-Me Email - Configuring Outlook Express for IMAP email:

This tutorial will walk you through configuring Outlook Express for IMAP email. Using IMAP email and Outlook Express, you can check your email account from multiple computers and all of your email will appear on every machine.

We recommend using Outlook Express for IMAP email. Microsoft Outlook, which comes with Microsoft Office, does not work as well when using IMAP and if you use Outlook instead of Outlook Express, your Sent Items will not appear on all computers, only the computer that email was sent from.

Even if you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, Outlook Express is still available on the machine. (It comes with Windows.)

You will need:

  • Your domain name or the name of your server (similar to
  • Your email address, which has already been created in your hosting control panel.
  • Your email address password

Please first verify your email address and password using our webmail system. You can log into webmail using your domain name and /webmail.

For example, If your domain name was, you could log in at:

Important! - Remember that your email username is your complete email address!

Open Outlook Express.


From the Tools Menu, Select Accounts.


Click on the Mail Tab, then select Add -> Mail.


This will start the add account wizard.
Enter your actual name (not "Your Name") and click Next.


Enter your complete email address and click Next.


Important! - Select IMAP as your server type.


Now complete this page by entering your domain name or server name into both boxes.
If your domain name is, enter Do not enter www or http.
Click Next.


Enter your complete email address and password and click Next.


The new account wizard will be done, but there are some steps remaining.
Click Finish and wait on the next screen.


You will be looking at your list of accounts and the new account you just added will be shown by domain name.
Select the new account and click Properties.


On the General Tab, change Name to your actual name instead of the server or domain name.


On the Servers Tab, make sure your Account name is your complete email address.
Check the "My server requires authentication" checkbox.


On the Advanced Tab, change the SMTP port to 26.
If you will traveling with your computer and may use it in an insecure environment, you may wish to Check the two SSL checkboxes and change the ports to 456 for SMTP and 993 for IMAP.

Standard Connection
Secure Connection


On the IMAP Tab, enter INBOX. {All Capital letters - INBOX followed by a period} as the Root folder path.
Click OK.


Once again, you will be at the list of mail accounts.
Click Close.


Outlook Express will ask you if you would like to download email folders for your new account.
Click Yes.


All of your email will now be available from any location!


When you are traveling or at a friend's house, you can use any web browser to check your email using /webmail after your domain name.

If you have any difficulties or questions, please let us know!

Thank You,
Gem3 Support



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